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Mission Critical Communication

PCE is a leading installer of blue light technologies, communication and connected vehicle solutions for the emergency services. We are a managed services provider of TETRA Airwave, the current digital radio solution for the emergency service sector.

However, the way the emergency service communicates is going to change.

Planning is underway for a new mission-critical communication platform for the emergency services and is set to replace the existing Airwave system. The transition to the new communication platform will require the installation to 40,000 Fixed Vehicle Devices (FVD) into emergency service vehicles including police, fire and ambulance, as well as other users to eventually include local authorities, utility services and first responders.

This mission critical communication platform will provide an improved, less-expensive solution, based on 4G technology, and support the demand for video and high bandwidth data applications while retaining reliable and resilient voice services.

How we can help?

PCE has been selected by Handsfree Group as a strategic installation partner for the installation of their R5 Fixed Vehicle Solution. The R5 solution was developed in association with the Home Office and will utilise the 4G LTE network significantly improving the quality, consistency and coverage of the existing Airwave system.


When the time comes, PCE can help with transition, both decommissioning legacy Airwave equipment and installing new secure communications.


Accredited team of engineers

Our vehicle installation engineers have NPPV3 & SC Clearance, and are TEA2 accredited meaning we understand the intricacies of Airwave. Our engineers are accredited to the FITAS (Federation of Communication Services Installer Training and Accreditation Scheme) Standard which is an independent verification of individual installers’ ability to work to the FCS1362 industry code of practice. Working to this code is reassurance that they will follow safe and professional best practice.


We will continue to remain up-to-date with changes ahead, and train installation engineers ready for the new platform.


Why Us

  • FITAS-approved vehicle installation engineers

  • SEAS-accredited site engineers

  • Bespoke overt and covert installations

  • Motorola and Hytera approved dealer

  • Solutions for small business through to tier-3 multi-site networks

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