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Our diverse range of fleet solutions includes vehicle tracking, sirens, blue lights, and amber lights solutions. Give us a call or drop us an inquiry to speak with our specialists about your requirements.

Our Fleet Solutions

Our Fleet Solutions

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Vehicle Installations

Blue Lights

Amber Lights

PCE has the installation and commissioning expertise to deploy in-vehicle communication solutions to a full range of vehicles, including motorbikes and covert emergency services vehicles to business, public transport and blue lights fleets.

We have won multiple industry awards for our innovative emergency services in-vehicle solutions, which include much more than radio communication systems.

Supplying both commercial and emergency vehicle lighting for over 40 years, PCE is proud to promote a comprehensive range of LED lighting products to suit a range of installations within the commercial vehicle sector.

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Vehicles Installed

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Installation engineers accredited by FITAS

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Data Application

Data Application - Getting the most from your fleet

Data applications, such as vehicle data recorders, incident data recorders, mobile data terminals and satellite navigation systems, are used by fleets as part of their complete in-vehicle communications systems, such as:

  • Vehicle tracking: Focusing on fuel savings due to driver behaviour feedback.

  • Route planning: Ensuring the most cost effective use of vehicles and fuel utilisation for fleets with multi-drop drivers.

  • Vehicle CCTV: For manoeuvring safely and evidence in potential insurance claims.

  • Reversing cameras: Often a prerequisite for any drivers looking to secure a franchise, as well as evidence for accidents and insurance claims.

  • Incident reporting: Combining cameras and tracking to give video footage, speed, GPS and G-Force telemetry data to determine responsibility.

PCE can offer a specialist solution to fit your current requirement, and work seamlessly alongside other communication equipment being used within the vehicles.

Integrated Communications - In-vehicle radio solutions to keep your fleet connected & safe

PCE has the industry experience to deploy in-vehicle communication solutions, offering:

  • Fully compliant service and are up-to- date with current legislation

  • Installations carried out to all recognised industry standards

  • FITAS Accredited Engineers (as recommended by FORS).

  • All work in accordance with the FCS1362 Code of Practice

  • Documented installation and design process using primary vehicle assessments (PVAs)

  • Vehicle installation consultancy service

  • Quality audits

  • Installation work undertaken at our customers premises or within our Exeter-based workshops.

Our engineers are FITAS accredited and work in accordance with the FCS1362:2016 code of practice for the installation of radio frequency equipment into land based vehicles.

We will ensure your business is kept operational and plan installation schedules to ensure your vehicle or fleet is back on the road as soon as possible.

Why Us

  • FITAS-approved vehicle installation engineers

  • SEAS-accredited site engineers

  • Bespoke overt and covert installations

  • Motorola and Hytera approved dealer

  • Solutions for small business through to tier-3 multi-site networks

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