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Data Application To Make Your Job Easier

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Data applications, such as vehicle data recorders, incident data recorders, electronic patient report forms (ePRFs), mobile data terminals and satellite navigation systems, are used by blue lights fleets as part of their complete in-vehicle communications systems.

We can provide converged in-vehicle solutions to combine these different communications tools.


At the heart of these solutions are vehicle data recorders. These are modular-based systems to which extra functions can be added to provide comprehensive recording requirements and ultimately provide the most feature-packed solution, e.g. the unit includes accelerometers and magnetic directional sensors so that accidents can be detected.


Vehicle data recorder features

  • Journey viewing and fleet management

  • Incident analysis and accident investigation where accelerometers and directional sensors are fitted

  • Wireless data download via mobile telephone network, Wi-Fi, wireless modem or TETRA

  • Live and historic tracking

  • Speed and RPM

  • Other data such as harsh acceleration and braking


The PC software supplied with the system allows users to reconstruct the motion of the vehicle during an accident. This can be combined with surveys of the accident scene to create an animation of the vehicle’s motion.


The stored data can be collected locally using USB or transferred using GPRS to a server. The data also acts as an electronic vehicle log book.


Our software can analyse driver behaviour to identify which drivers need re-training allowing our customers to modify driver behaviour and reduce the risk of accidents. The data has proved invaluable for fleet managers allowing them to see which vehicles are being used most and when vehicles should be scheduled for servicing or replacement.

PCE can offer a specialist solution to fit your current set up, and which will seamlessly work alongside other communication equipment being used within the vehicles.

Why Us

  • FITAS-approved vehicle installation engineers

  • SEAS-accredited site engineers

  • Bespoke overt and covert installations

  • Motorola and Hytera approved dealer

  • Solutions for small business through to tier-3 multi-site networks

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